5 Reasons to Join a Dating App

5 Reasons to Join a Dating App

So you’re thinking about joining a dating app, but are still on the fence about it? Well as Nike says, just do it. Seriously, do it. Long gone are the times of old-fashioned dating with asking her parents for permission or waiting till the third date to have sex; this is 2016 (nearly 2017) and it’s full of smartphones and sexting and awesome dating apps such as Cupid.ly.

Never has it been easier to find hot, single locals near you looking to hookup. And I’m serious, this isn’t just spam. With online dating apps, the amount of potential dates/hook ups at your fingertips is staggering. And the best part is you can find all these people without ever leaving your couch!

Dating apps have taken the modern world by storm with the latest and greatest crazes like fuckbuddies and NSA hookups (no strings attached), and it is only going to continue growing momentum as the younger generations are brought up with this technology and “opportunities.”

If you truly are undecided on whether you should join a dating app or not, continue reading to discover five reasons why you definitely should.


See Similar Interests & Mutual Friends

Most dating apps allow you to include some of your favorite hobbies or interests, giving people insight to your personality and lifestyle. This can help you majorly in the sense that if you have awesome hobbies, then you can boast about them on your own profile.

But this can also help you in the sense that you can gauge whether or not you’d get along with someone based on their hobbies and interests. There is nothing worse than going on a first date and THEN realizing that you have little to nothing in common, or that they’re into something that makes you uneasy or weirded out.


Meet People You Otherwise Wouldn’t

Humans are creatures of habit; there is no doubt about it. So with that comes familiarity and repetition—walking the same way home every day, seeing the same faces every day. With a dating app, you will discover people that’ll leave you thinking, “Wow. How have I not seen this person before? They’re absolutely gorgeous and only 4 miles away from me.”

Most dating apps allow you to set a meter of how many miles you would like to reach out to others—typically between 1-100 miles. Due to this, you will be able to see and meet people you otherwise would never come across.


You Get To Control Who You Talk To

Easily one of the best parts about dating apps is that you can control who you talk to and don’t talk to. No longer are the days of that creeper walking up to you at the bar and not taking the multiple hints that you’re not interested and would rather be left alone.

You only swipe for those you are interested in, and only talk to those who you are interested in.


You Can Creep On Their Social Media First

Most dating apps have a feature where you can connect your Instagram for everyone to see, or you could merely post your username and allow others to search for you.

Either way, this allows you to “creep” on someone before a date and get a good feel for their personality and interests. Do they have a bunch of selfies and zero pictures with friends or family, constantly outside and exercising or merely getting drunk every weekend with their “fam?” A person’s social media profile can tell you a lot about them.


It’s Convenient

Alright, we all know this is why you’re considering downloading a dating app in the first place: it is extremely convenient and effortless. As I said earlier, you don’t even have to leave the couch; hell, you don’t even have to get dressed!

You can do it in class, as you lay in bed before going asleep or even when you’re on the shitter. It is really, really convenient and that is easily the best part about it.


Want more reasons to join a dating app? Then, check out the video below!  Or if you want to get started now on the #1 hook up app then check out cupid.ly

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