3 Of The Most Overrated Dating Apps

3 Of The Most Overrated Dating Apps

I have yet to see a strong relationship stem from one of these dating apps, yet everyone seems to be “raving” about them. These apps are the ones plastered over all the Instagram failed pages for a reason because it’s hard to take them seriously when the majority of their users don’t.


This app is probably the most controversial because it’s one of the first dating apps that made its breakthrough but did it really? For anyone, that’s currently an active Tinder user you’re pretty much wasting your time if you’re attempting to take it seriously. This app has self-destructed into being a hookup app that only the desperate are considered using. Anyone that knows how to make a Facebook account is eligible so basically anyone on planet earth with no standards, values or common sense.

It flamed out faster than their overrated logo by leaving their users disappointed and annoyed at the amount of horrid options available at a swipe of their finger. Don’t think there are enough left swipes in the world to get rid of all the sad excuses of bachelor and bachelorettes on this one.


So this app thinks it has the edge of making women make the first move which totally ends up backfiring because us women are so used to receiving the first message we don’t open the app until we get that notification. By taking away an equal chance of sending the message, so many potential matches are wasted when people are only given 24 hours to make a move.

It takes a lot longer than one day to actually sit down and decide what you want to say to someone that could be a potential date, so we end up saying the most cliché boring phrases because we are rushed into doing so.

Not to mention all of the obvious fake accounts within the entire app that they have failed to delete. It’s hard not to get your hopes up when every model circulating the area is placed on the there.

Coffee Meets Bagel:

This one is a little more classy by giving limited options to swiping, but it’s a little sexist by giving men up to 21 potential connections and then only 5 to the women. If anything we women should be receiving more swipes because we are as picky as it gets and chances are we aren’t going to like the five connections you send us just because they showed interest.

It’s important for both sides to have a mutual interest and opportunities to swipe not leaving women disappointed for the next 24 hours because the five potential matches were a complete fail.

How is it fair to give the women matches based on the men’s interests? Completely disregarding women’s preferences. Newsflash we aren’t living in a man’s world anymore so stop controlling our swipes and let everyone have the same amount of daily options!

It comes off as “ladies choice, ” but the whole reason we are on dating apps is that we aren’t interested in the men showing interest in us in the first place.

All in all, these dating apps leave the users unfulfilled and dissatisfied causing more mind games than the original ones we already play in real life.

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