5 Ways To Meet-Up After Matching

5 Ways To Meet-Up After Matching

So you finally matched with that hottie on your dating app and there is no way you are going to let this one sit there without messaging them for a while. You don’t want to sound too eager but you don’t want to sound disinterested.
You don’t want to sound too sexual but you don’t want to sound like a prude. The world of dating apps can be very hard to manage—especially through messages and not face-to-face interaction—so I advise you to plan a meet up as soon as possible.
Usually within the first few messages, you get a feel for what the other person may be after; whether it be a relationship, a fuckbuddy or just a good time tonight. Either way, once you’ve determined their intentions, it’s then easy to decide how and where to meet. Read on to discover five ways to meet your match.


You can’t go wrong with asking someone to coffee. It’s mature, it’s easy-going and it gives you guys the perfect opportunity to chat and get to know one another.
Now every girl deserves a guy asking them on a coffee date, but sometimes this isn’t what they’re after—unless it’s coffee in bed.
So be sure to gauge their interests in you beforehand and then think about your own.


Get Together (Party)
A party is always great to invite your match over for because it is a social situation where plenty of people are interacting and having fun. If the thought of one-on-one at a coffee date is too personal for you, then a party can be a great alternative.
It is even better if the party is at your house—or a close friend’s—so you have plenty of rooms to sneak into if you and your match really hit it off.


Probably the most typical among college students, meeting your match at one of the local bars is the go-to. There’s alcohol to loosen up and take away the awkward edge, it’s a laid-back and care-free environment where you can get a little rowdy and no one is going to care if you guys start “running to first base” before leaving.
The bar is where most people meet their “tonights” and then take them home from, so it will work even better if things are already somewhat predetermined through matching on the dating app.


Late Night
“Hey, you still up?” As you check the time and it reads 2:04 a.m. I mean, isn’t this what dating apps are for—to find that special someone who you can text at unreasonable hours in the middle of the night to fulfill your sexual needs?
Matching on a dating app in the first place is a huge step in the direction of “late nights.” Most people are searching for sexual gratification among other people who are searching for sexual gratification—so why not make that apparent and just do what you came here to do?


As Soon As You Match
Now there really are these types of people out there. You’re swiping through a dating app and then all of a sudden you have a new match. 10 minutes go by and then your phone dings with a message from that new match saying something along the lines of, “Wanna come over? My roommates are gone.”
So there you are, minding your own business just swiping through a dating app hoping for a few matches to meet up with this weekend and then 30 minutes later you’re walking over to this person’s house to get laid as people are walking to class. Sounds pretty badass in my book.

Learn more about getting matched from the video below!